2024/2025 Zadok Priestly Calendar

YHWH’s Calendar – A Covenant Reminder

Yah’s calendar is more than just an accounting of days, weeks, months, and years. It is a living and active representation of our covenant duties and responsibilities as believers.

We recognize that the calendar can be a source of contention within the community of believers. It is not our goal to argue for or against your calendar of choice. However, we do know that the Sabbaths, Feast Days, and Appointed Times are meant to unite us in the worship of the Most High and His Son, Yeshua.

Thanks to Sherry Sanders, our 2024/2025 Zadok calendar is a simple and easy-to-follow four-page downloadable PDF that has been synced to the Gregorian calendar. It is loaded with scripture-based references  designed to help guide your Bible study and devotional time. Parents who home-school their children will also appreciate Sherrys truth nuggets and witnesses scripture notations in the sidebars.

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Thank you in advance for downloading the calendar and for your commitment to observing the Father’s appointed times.

Calendar Correction

There are FM/NM errors in month 9 of the calendar. The NM should be listed as being on day 15 and FM should be on day 29.

Track The Annual Feast Days

Friends of the GWDF ministry have created a calendar peg board to help you track YHWH’s appointed times. Modeled after ancient calendar boards used in Yisrael, this simple peg board is hand-crafted with pre-drilled holes and pegs to help you track the months and days of the ecclesiastical year.