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We wrote The Gospel Worth Dying For because we have a burning desire to share the good news about the coming Kingdom of Yah on Earth. It was not written to draw attention to ourselves. We wanted to create a resource that believers could consult that explained (in a nutshell) how this Kingdom will ultimately manifest itself. We give thanks to the Most High and our High Priest Yeshua for planting the seeds in our hearts for this story to be told in paperback form.

 We also want to acknowledge ministries such as Kingdom in Context, Hanging On His Words, Parable Of the Vineyard, and others whose work inspired and educated us along the way. Proceeds from paperback book sales will finance our ministry expenses with the remaining funds given to ministries whose mission is to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom.

As we continue this incredible journey together, we are praying that this book will be the seed that germinates and grows into a community of like-minded believers who are committed to lovingly spreading the complete Gospel message. It is our hope that this book will spark conversation and develop a thirst for a deeper knowledge of and love for the Scriptures.


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