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The Gospel Worth Dying For

The Gospel Worth Dying For

by Brenda Ross, Sylvia Rudy, and Sherry Sanders

When you sit down to read a mystery novel do you begin in the middle, or do you start on page one? This may sound like a ridiculous question but there is a point to be made. If you decide to skip to the middle of the book then you have no context for the narrative or the characters, and you will be left scratching your head by the time you turn the last page.

The sixty-six books that make up our modern western Bible read like a mystery novel. The meta story that unfolds within its pages tells of a Paradise that was lost because of Adam’s sin. Yet it also points to a coming Redeemer — the last Adam — who will make things right in the end. It begins with two people in a garden and ends with the promise that multitudes of resurrected humanity will eventually return to this same earthly garden to live with their Savior and his Father in sinless righteousness here on earth. This is more than just a fanciful story told to the weak-minded. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached and the prophets, disciples, angels, and martyrs proclaimed.

Like holographic bookends, the Genesis narrative sets the stage with the fall of man, while the book of Revelation describes in vivid detail future events which culminate in humanity’s redemption. But what about books found in the first half of the Bible like Leviticus and Deuteronomy which address the Law? Why is it important to understand the genealogy and history of Patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? How do the visions of Prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Habakkuk fit in the Gospel narrative?

If you skip the Old Testament because you have been taught that these books have no relevance to the Father’s plan of redemption, then you will be confused about where you go when you die, the mechanics of resurrection, the High Priesthood of our Messiah, and how the true cosmology of the earth made the flood of Noah possible. When you neglect the front of the Bible, New Testament theology will confuse and frustrate you.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (Yeshua) is a pivotal event. But without an understanding of the Old Testament you are left with an incomplete gospel message. This is why we wrote The Gospel Worth Dying For.

This book (which is in essence our testimony) was written to inspire you to not only study the entirety of the sixty-six books that make up our western Bibles, but also examine certain so-called apocryphal and pseudepigraphal books that are dismissed by many theologians and biblical scholars. These often ignored books help fill in the blanks with information on the origin of unclean spirits (demons), Abraham’s connection to Nimrod, and how righteous angels are working in ministry with our High Priest Yeshua to help believers destined for salvation.

Think of  The Gospel Worth Dying For as a comprehensive guide designed to help you unpack the mysteries related to:

  • the necessity of the flood of Noah
  • the Day of the Lord events
  • what happens when you die
  • where do you go when you die
  • the ministry of the angels
  • the origin of demonic spirits
  • biblical cosmology and the structure of heaven and earth
  • New Jerusalem
  • the bride of Christ
  • the importance of the Law (Torah)
  • the resurrections
  • the importance of Old Testament prophecy
  • the High Priesthood of Jesus (Yeshua)
  • what martyrs understood about the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • how to be fearless in a dark world

Just like the people of Berea, you must muster the courage to search the Scriptures yourself in order to test whether ancient writings like 1 Enoch, Jubilees, Baruch, Esdras, and Tobit agree with the Bible sitting on your shelf. Will you allow church tradition and organized religion to do your thinking for you, or will you rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth? The Gospel Worth Dying For is a book we hope will stiffen your resolve to learn more about the Father’s everlasting Kingdom and pray this knowledge will turn you into a fearless and vocal ambassador of the Kingdom of God in these last days.

ISBN: 978-1-6781-9084-2

PUBLISHED: January, 2022

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