Sukkot 2023

Jay and Amanda Kilcrease

What a blessing this year’s Sukkot was at Lake Brownwood State Park in Texas. The GWDF ministry is so thankful to our Father Yahuah for every person who joined us. Nearly 80 souls attended throughout the feast week including seniors, singles, and families with children and teens. What a joy it was to fellowship, worship, and learn together.

Words truly cannot describe the love, respect, and heart of Messiah that this group expressed throughout the week — no matter what topics were brought up for discussion. This amazing feast of Sukkot consisted of fellowship, scripture readings, dance worship, and thought-provoking discussions about the calendar, the names, biblical cosmology, and many other spiritual topics. This wonderful moedim was a fantastic celebration filled with joy, fun, and rejoicing as 8 people chose to be water immersed during the week as well. Halleluyah!.

If you had planned on joining us via YouTube live stream, unfortunately, those plans fell through as the cellular signal was too poor in the area to stream as we had planned. However, we will be uploading several short clips to the GWDF YouTube channel over the next few days for you to enjoy. We have also set up a photo gallery here on the website, which is currently available below. Praise Yah for everyone who contributed photos and videos as these memories will continue to bless everyone for years to come, Praise Yah!

If you were unable to join us at this year’s Sukkot, Amanda and I, and the GWDF ministry team hope you had a blessed Sukkot celebration wherever you were, and pray that the Father Yahuah blesses you and your family.

Praise Yah for this year’s Sukkot gathering and all of his holy feast days!

We also want to thank everyone who attended, and all of the contributions that were made which helped make this gathering possible. A special thanks to everyone who supports the GWDF ministry. Keep a lookout for new newsletter/blog articles soon, as well as the new and improved 2024/2025 Zadok calendar which will be released soon.

From the GWDF family, thank you all, and may Yah bless you and keep you as we enter the winter months. Halleluyah!


Jay and Amanda Kilcrease

I cannot begin to express the refreshing my spirit received being in fellowship with my brothers and sisters there. To be around others this week who fear Yahweh and tremble at His word has been one of the greatest joys of my journey.

Tryston G

I know I’ve said several times that I really didn’t grow up with Torah and in the last five years, I have struggled with feeling that we weren’t doing things right. I have not had a single argument with anyone here at Sukkot that could not have been resolved without anger. I have not felt unwanted or unwelcome by anyone. I have learned so much that I didn’t know before and I feel so at peace now and so renewed. So I just want to thank everyone.

Sarah P

We are so grateful to have met you all and shared this experience with you guys. Thanks again everyone for the great memories. Keep in touch!
Shane & Amanda S