2023/2024 Zadok Priestly Calendar

The Calendar – A Promise of New Beginnings


Believers in Yeshua know that the year doesn’t begin in January. It begins at Passover in the Spring. Although it is a bit early, we decided to be proactive and publish our calendar early so you can prepare.

Thanks to Sherry Sanders, this year’s calendar is loaded with Scripture based references to help guide your Bible study and devotional times. Parents who home school will also appreciate the “Truth Nuggets & Witnesses” notations.

We know that the calendar can be a source of contention within the community of believers. It is not our goal to argue for or against your calendar of choice. However, we do know that the feast days and appointed times are meant to unite us in worship of The Most High and His Son Yeshua.

To that end, we will be working on ways to connect with those of you who choose to download the GWDF calendar and book. So look out for a followup email that will include a short survey and details on plans for a Sukkot gathering October 4-11 at Lake Brownwood State Park, Texas.

Thank you for downloading the calendar and for your commitment to observing the Father’s appointed times.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS CALENDAR READ: The Hebrew Calendar in Jubilees and Enoch